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Onesies & Sleeping Bags are The Ultimate Level of Comfort for Babies

Onesies & Sleeping Bags are The Ultimate Level of Comfort for Babies

Let’s face it – whether you are a new parent or you’re shopping for someone who is ready to welcome their first bundle of joy, baby clothes are inarguably considered essentials. Babies need clothes. While it is true that babies outgrow clothes in a flash, it will not change the fact that they need it. Despite outgrowing their clothes rather quickly, stylish and environmentally conscious parents will still look for baby clothes that are the perfect balance of practicality, style and eco-friendly materials.


Onesies are the real MVP

Onesies and rompers are among those that tick off every single one of those requirements. A baby onesie is great for daytime activities and sleep. Your baby can wear it under a sweater or jacket during colder days. Meanwhile, short sleeved and lightweight rompers are available for warmer days.

  1. Onesies are functional. Bamboo Baby onesies make an excellent base for keeping your baby warm during cooler months, while being comfortable enough to wear on its own during warmer weather. Onesies keep the heat in by covering the baby’s tummy all the time. Unlike shirts that ride up, onesies stay in place thanks to its convenient snaps. In addition, onesies are great in keeping diapers in place. By keeping those tiny, curious hands away from being able to access the inside of their diaper, you save yourself a lot of mess.
  2. Onesies are stylish. Onesies come in a variety of fabrics, prints and patterns. A classic baby clothing since the 1950s, you know that onesies will not go out of style.
  3. Some onesies come in eco-friendly materials.There are a few brick-and-mortar or online shops that sell sustainable baby clothing – and that includes onesies made from premium eco-friendly materials that are friendly to babies’ sensitive skin.


A minimum number for every stage

Babies grow up fast, so it would be impractical to purchase a large bulk of onesies in the same size. However, it is also important to consider that infants constantly need a change of clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a reasonable number of clothes in each size. As a guide, six onesies for daytime activities plus three more onesies for nightwear. You can buy onesies in bundles of three, for example, to save on cost.

Infant sleeping bags are also extremely comfortable as opposed to traditional wraps and are thus considered by most mums as must-haves for babies.


What are baby onesies made of?

Baby onesies come in a variety of materials, including bamboo for the environmentally conscious parents who opt for eco-friendly materials. Bamboo as a textile is great for babies as they are supremely soft, breathable, hypo-allergenic and gentle on the baby’s skin. Onesies are more commonly manufactured and available in cotton. Cotton onesies can be hypo-allergenic, breathable and comfortable for your little ones as well. Fleece onesies are often used during colder weather due to its insulation properties. That and because fleece is soft, light, easy to maintain, dries easily and makes for a cosy baby onesie.

There are also onesies made up of satin, terry cloth, polyester or flannel. Whatever fabric you choose, just make sure that the onesie does not come with beading, threads, drawstrings or any types of attachment that may be choking, strangulation or suffocation hazards.

Although onesies are comfortable, they are not enough to keep babies warm – even if you choose ones that are made up of terry cloth or fleece.


How do you dress babies to stay warm?

Babies need to be kept warm. In cold weather, you need to dress babies in layers. As a guide, count the number of layers you’re dressed in. That should be the number of layers for your baby plus one extra. However, make sure that your baby does not overheat, especially when napping or sleeping.

Alternatively, you can opt for a baby sleeping bag. This way, your baby will surely sleep snug as a bug. Infant sleeping bags are not only cosy, but they also stop your baby from rolling onto their tummy during sleep, as well as keep your baby’s legs in so that they do not hang outside through the baby cot rails. Remember to make sure that the infant sleeping bag is not too big as to allow your baby to slip down the bag and be completely covered with it while they are sleeping.

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