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Great Moms - This is Why Mums Run the World

Great Moms - This is Why Mums Run the World

There’s no denying that mothers run the world. They are multitaskers, tenacious, selfless and give unconditional love. As the great American poet Maya Angelou said about her mom, “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colours of a rainbow.” Ultimately, they are the true superheroes we first encounter from birth, ensuring that we grow up ready to face the world.

Here are the top three best things that mothers bring to the world backed by science:

  1. A present and nurturing mother impacts child development

    According to the Washington University School of Medicine, children who experienced maternal nurturing in early childhood have larger hippocampus – a key part of the brain that’s responsible for learning, memory and stress response.

  2. Breastfeeding reduces disease risk for mothers and babies

    Breastfeeding provides many health benefits to both mother and child. Children are protected against diseases and infections such as allergic diseases, respiratory tract infections, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), gut infections and more. It lowers the risk of depression for mothers. However, if you’re experiencing postpartum depression (PPD), you must tell your doctor immediately.

  3. A mother’s heartbeat and voice help the baby’s brain growth

    A study by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston revealed that babies rely on a mother’s heartbeat and voice to grow. Their auditory cortex, which is the hearing center of the brain, is significantly larger. This study can help doctors and parents how to take care of premature babies suffering from developmental and cognitive disabilities.


Giving back to the community

Motherhood is demanding for every woman who decides to rear a child. For many women from low-income families, childbirth is a prevalent risk that is life-threatening. In addition, violence is also pervasive, endangering the lives of women and girls. In Singapore and most conservative societies, single mothers often bear the stigma, lack of support and limited rights.

The United Nations recognises the importance of the mother-child relationship for the healthy development of children. The many roles that women and mothers play, especially as selfless caregivers, are empowered under the third UN Sustainable Development Goal - Good Health and Well-being.

As our way of giving back to the community and supporting the causes that champion human rights, particularly women and children, RAPH&REMY, together with the Red Pencil (Singapore) Humanitarian Mission, are helping children, adults and low-income families who experienced life-threatening illnesses, violence and abuse.

Our goal is to provide recovery through arts therapy and lead their lives towards balance, self-empowerment and resilience. They can express themselves through drawing, music, movement and dance, which helps reduce the stress and trauma they’ve experienced.


When we rescue the child, we save the adult

We dedicate 20% of every sale of the RAPH&REMY Premium Canvas Tote Bag to our partner charity. Our Premium Canvas Tote Bag is:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Supporting sustainable practices
  • Convenient to carry your baby’s everyday essentials
  • Machine washable

Aside from our humanitarian efforts, we also strongly advocate for environmental sustainability. We make sure that our products and our business practices help protect the environment. You can learn more about the process and materials we apply at RAPH&REMY here.

RAPH&REMY offers premium essentials and gifts for women, babies & kids that are stylish, thoughtful & sustainable. With a passion for nurturing children and the environment, we are inspired to do our business that creates a positive impact on our future. Shop for newborn essential gift sets to high-quality kids’ clothing and personalised collection in our range of products. Discover our bamboo baby clothespersonalised baby giftsbaby comforter and much more here today!