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Premium 6" Baby Girl Bow Headbands

SGD $22.90
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This product is available in bundles.

Gentle On Delicate Skin

Made with premium quality Polyester & Grosgrain, they are luxuriously soft and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

Suitable For Newborns+

The headbands are designed to grow with your baby so they can still wear them for years to come.

Mould And Mildew Resistant

Easy to clean, resists water and dries quickly.

Resists Stretching and Shrinking

Holds colour well, resists fading, incredibly durable and recyclable too.

Gentle On Delicate Skin

Premium & Incredibly Soft

Personalisation Options


A true statement-maker, our premium 6-inch Bows are luxuriously soft, stylish and never go out of fashion. The perfect all-occasion accessory and featured in many special photoshoots, they're incredibly soft, easy to clean, holds colour well and are recyclable too.

Our premium Bows are available in two styles. A one-size-fits-all headband that is made of the finest Polyester, gentle on baby's delicate skin and our no-fuss alligator slide clip that's a popular choice for toddlers and kids.

They can even be personalised with a special name or initials, by selecting from the options above. For little girls and big girls, mama's often grab a matching bow and twin with their little ones too.

Composition and care

Polyester & grosgrain
- Mould and mildew resistant
- Resists water, dries quickly
- Resists stretching and shrinking
- Holds colour well, resists fading
- Easy to clean, may be dry cleaned
- Recyclable

Size: One size fits all.

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